Poziv na nove "Mentor" radionice

Association "MENTOR" invites all interested unemployed persons to apply for the free educational workshops to contribute to their employment and acquire new skills.

The workshops are experiential and educational nature. Working in small educational groups (10-12 students), and the goal of the workshops is to empower the unemployed and prepare them for active job-seeking. In a creative way through exercises and practices seeks to convey the participants new opportunities, knowledge and skills that will help them in the future in search of jobs. Where participants learn a lot about themselves, they can facilitate coping with the situation of unemployment and help plan the next steps in life. Upon completion of the workshop MENTOR Association will be handing the certificates to all the participants of the program.


The next round of workshops begins in early October, and will be held in Donja Voca, Vidovac and Petrijanec.

Unemployed persons in the education report of the first June 2015 year:  

- In the Municipality of Donja Voca (tel. 766-713 or e-mail: sanja@udruga-mentor.hr)

- In the Municipality of Vidovec (tel. 741-201 or e-mail: vlasta@udruga-mentor.hr)

- In the Municipality of Petrijanec (tel. 712-272 or e-mail: predsjednik@udruga-mentor.hr ) or

e-mail Association MENTOR ( kontakt@udruga-mentor.hr ) as well as his personal coming to the municipality.

For the next group of attendants applications are accepted until September 30, 2015. For other groups of students applications are accepted until filled vacancies!

We look forward to seeing you!